Jun. 07, 2018
  I've been visiting and shooting videos at some artist's places and studios since 2015, ... MORE

Feb. 05, 2015
Some of my work will be featured at Pause Fest in Melbourne, Australia, on February. More ... MORE

Dec. 19, 2014
I gave an interview for philippine Zine Parallel Planets, about FAQMAGAZINE. You can read it in... MORE

Oct. 12, 2014
Two of my pictures will be featured in this year's PRIX EUROPA 2014,  in Germany, und... MORE

Aug. 15, 2014
Here is a small interview I gave for Port Magazine, from London:http://www.port-magazine.com/co... MORE

Mar. 18, 2014
Escrevi um depoimento pra Revista Trip deste mês sobre como é ser meio nôm... MORE

Mar. 01, 2014
I gave an interview for Plastic Dreams Magazine.Bellow, the link for the magazine:Dei uma ent... MORE

Aug. 02, 2012
http://www.border.com.mx/a-room-for-two-and-many-more-david-horvitz-y-juliana-mundim/There wi... MORE

Jul. 18, 2012
Meu video "Nervous Man goes to Paperland" está na mostra "Imagem-Contato", do Sesc. Cura... MORE

Aug. 11, 2011
Ive been making a magazine since 2003 and the newest issue is now out! FAQMAGAZINE ISSUE 08 ask... MORE

Aug. 05, 2011
I just finished directing a new music video for band “Cerebro Eletronico” ! It was ... MORE

May. 17, 2011
If you are in Tokyo, there will be a photo projection curated by the amazing photographer Yoshi... MORE

Feb. 10, 2011
The music video I directed for Tiê, Dois, will be in Berlin, during this year’s Ber... MORE

Jan. 18, 2011
FAQMAGAZINE’s Issue Seven is now online! For the first time featuring texts and also ... MORE

Dec. 17, 2010
O video clipe que dirigi pra Tiê entrou na lista dos melhors 10 de 2010, de acordocom o... MORE

Nov. 28, 2010
Arte.Mov will be presenting my videos “The things that happen when i think of you”&... MORE

Nov. 03, 2010
Vou estar mostrando THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN WHEN I THINK OF YOU na mostra Ausencia / Presenca,es... MORE

Oct. 10, 2010
Casa America in Spain is featuring the music video we did for Tiê along with other amaz... MORE

May. 15, 2010
The Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fé in USA is showing the series “The things... MORE

Jan. 28, 2010
O clipe da Tiê no Move that Jukebox:The Tiê video on Move that Jukebox:http://mov... MORE

Oct. 02, 2009
Here is an interview for Vice Magazine, which was kind of weird, but here it goes:You can read ... MORE

Sep. 29, 2009
Dei uma entrevista pro pessoal da Paraty em Foco.Dá pra ler aqui:http://paratyemfoco.com... MORE

Sep. 26, 2009
O blog Minas de Ouro postou o clipe do Jumbo que fiz pra Rachel, usando footage do filme d... MORE

Sep. 09, 2009
Vou dar uma palestra sobre meu trabalho no SP Photo Fest.Mais informação aqui: h... MORE

Aug. 09, 2009
Dei uma entrvista pro blog HANDS!Tem aqui:http://handsmake.wordpress.com/2009/08/21/revistafaq-... MORE

Sep. 18, 2008
My video is part of an exhibition at Surface to Air. An expo all about Bunnies and made to rais... MORE

Aug. 10, 2008
Vou falar do meu trabalho de fotografia com animação na 5ª Semana Epson... MORE

Jun. 29, 2008
My work will be in Paris this Summer, at Georges Pompidou, during the Pocket Films Festival. M... MORE

Jun. 09, 2008
Eu dei uma entrevista pra Mari Moon em seu programa da MTV. Ele foi ao ontem e estararepetindo ... MORE

Jun. 03, 2008
Dei uma entrevista pra Revista Serafina desse mês. Está nas bancas!I gave an inter... MORE

Mar. 10, 2008
Eu dei uma entrevista pra Folha de São Paulo de hoje sobre meu site. Nas Bancas! Here i... MORE

Feb. 04, 2008
Dei um entrevista pra TPM desse mês. Dá pra ler aqui: http://revistatpm.uol.co... MORE

Oct. 14, 2007
O Pocket Films for Travelers tá na Zupi deste mês! Nas bancas!... MORE

Sep. 09, 2007
Dei uma entrevista pra Criativa deste mes! Está nas bancas!Interview for Criativa!... MORE

Jul. 07, 2007
Saiu uma enrevista sobre o Pocket na Revista Web Design. Leia a entrevista aqui:http://w... MORE

Jun. 08, 2007
Im at Liberation's Website today!Have a look:http://ecrans.liberation.fr/ecrans/2007/06/08/le-s... MORE

Jun. 03, 2007
Pocket Films for Travelers vai estar participando de uma exposição no Paço... MORE

May. 17, 2007
There's going to be a Retrospecitve on my work at Resfest 10, in São Paulo.May 20th, S&a... MORE

Feb. 09, 2007
Pocket Films for Travelers Vol. 002 vai estar no Art Mov.Mais informações aqui:ht... MORE

Jan. 04, 2007
I gave an interview for Concrete Hermit.You can read it here:h t t p : / / w w w . c o n c r e ... MORE

Jan. 03, 2007
I talk about my work at this month's canadian Mumble Magazine.More here: h t t p : / / w w w .... MORE

Nov. 09, 2006
Dei uma entrevista pra Revista Key, agora nas bancas!Interview for Key!... MORE

Jul. 29, 2006
http://www.imaginacionatrapada.com.ar/ArtesVisuales/pocket_films_for_travellers.htm... MORE

Apr. 04, 2006
The music video I made for band Pato Fu will be at Resfest Sao Paulo.Here is the website:www.re... MORE

Feb. 01, 2006
I'm curating a show for Centro Fundación Telefónica in Lima, Peru. It's ical... MORE

Sep. 06, 2005
My work Pocket Films for Travelers is at this years Video Brasil Festival. More info here:http:... MORE

Jun. 01, 2005
Vou mostrar meu trabalho na MOSTRA ITAU CULTURAL em Belo Horizonte, nestasemana. Infos aqui:&nb... MORE

Oct. 20, 2000
Meu primeiro curta, O Surfista Invisível, está na 35a Mostra Internacional de Cin... MORE